The beginnings of arched mechanics

Meanwhile, things touched by Snelson, who is an outstanding inventor and sculptor, as well as a recognized leader in the panoramic photography genre and perhaps the most famous and dramatic student of Buckminster Fuller, suggest a very important assumption that in modern communication searches macro- and microworlds the “meso world” was thrown out in a “strange way”, the inhabitants of which we are and from the inside of which we are trying to discern the very “micro” and “macro” ones. Since other effects are precisely in our "meso world" manifestations of the other two. The last topic, however, is not disclosed in the appendix, but it presents a different, in my opinion, no less important thing: an attempt to draw a parallel on three grounds, the mechano-geometric intuition of which lies “before” Heron’s ideas, is even more primitive and reveals a way thinking of mechanical phenomena and entities in the Bronze Age. It seems that in those days, the main types of mechanisms were thought a little differently than in the era of Alexandria and subsequent eras, including the Renaissance and the New Time. So, the “atlas of machines” (in other words, the basic primitives of the "logic of mechanisms") of those people, reflecting the corresponding intuitions and universals, was different. In connection with all this, a number of very interesting circumstances are also revealed that are still not captured in both the artistic and scientific environments. By me they are partly indicated in other places.

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