About bastards, geeks and "degenerates in power"

Arthur Kronfeld, a Jewish doctor, a psychologist who examined the arrested participants of the Beer Hall Putsch in Germany, subsequently wrote an article "Degenerates in power", where he presented in sufficient detail the physiological specifics of those who considered themselves the "superior race", and others - the inferior, who were looking for in all surrounding physiological deviations and carried out the purge of the human population up to the genocide of their own and others. Which, in turn, was a good confirmation of the compensatory nature of such a "counting" and, in general, is known to those who study the issue.

When these degenerates did come to power, he moved to the Soviet Union, and when they approached Moscow during the war, he and his wife committed suicide by opening the gas in the kitchen.

Of course, I can’t say anything about the very top of the current Russian elite, but what I observed at its middle and lower levels for many years often gave me reason to recall this doctor’s article when I began to pay attention to how and by whom the post-Soviet The "middle class" in Russia has been replaced: this is noticeable both by some external signs of degeneration and by the level of their judgments - both general and everyday - ethical. At first it was not particularly noticeable, but the further it became, the more distinct it became. I can’t say in medical and anthropological details what and how, but there are things that you realize or feel at the level of your own physiology - in terms of the ability to recognize the Other, laid down by evolution. Following the physiology, alarming remarks followed, and in parallel there was a general process that could be observed through the mass media. But already, it seems, there were no those with whom one could discuss these issues and identify the connection of one's own experience with the experience of generalizing the process. "Others are no more, and those are far away." They were places, solidary in their assessment, but there were few of them, and there were few substantive conversations.

In the end, you find yourself completely alone in the new order of things that makes up the world of these degenerates, who live by the principle of "accuse your enemies of that which you are guilty". It is then that not the letter, but the spirit of Kafkaism is revealed.

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