Photovoltaic plus...?

"Biden canceled tariffs on solar panels from four Southeast Asian countries - Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand - for two years, and also used the defense production law to stimulate the production of solar panels in the United States".

The largest producer of photovoltaics in the world and in Southeast Asia in particular is still Malay. In general, we should expect a boom in private generation, primarily in the alternative pool, against the backdrop of a recession and hostilities that have unfolded since February 24, 2022 in Eastern Europe.

If so, then the further development of this direction can become approximately the same as the Internet market with "dot-coms" - at first, and mobile communications with VAS and touchscreens - later: a riot of market colors with emerging and decaying startups, teenage millionaires , the game of majors with killapps and a bunch of publications about the possibilities and prospects. Of particular interest here, of course, are the moments of convergence - its potential is high and, perhaps, will not yield to the super-dynamic markets of mass information exchange, the boom of which happened in the recent past, fixing stagnation in the development of Internet and mob services today, both due to the global economic recession and strengthening of state control (up to total control) not only in the relatively new post-Soviet markets, but also in the old markets of the Old and New Worlds.

For the case of alternative generation, the further development of moments of convergence and, in general, market events is seen here in several directions at once, first of all, the convergence of alternative and independent generation of electricity, as well as:

  • technological and market support for "seamless" interfacing of various types of generation;
  • formation of regulatory procedures for penetration into segments and industries that traditionally require power generation, including autonomous, especially adjusted for the real relevance of the global economic problem of aggregate demand, in connection with which
  • updating the separation of fake employment and production from real production and meeting the needs and requirements of B2B and B2C;
  • convergence of independent generation with the sum of "infocom" sub-sectors (at the level of providing server capacities and further development of the "powerbanks" theme as an infocom theme itself);
  • catalyzing convergent processes "transport (including personal) - infocomm (including the level of personal data)" by a single intermediary of the industry level - energy;
  • formation of networks of independent generation and connection to generation networks of "traditional sources", with the appropriate order of legal regulation;
  • the emergence of public-private funds for co-investment of innovative startups such as In-Q-Tel or the emergence/emphasis in already existing funds of this kind of relevant areas of investment assessment and interdisciplinary / related areas of development;
  • in connection with public-private funds - strengthening the conversion processes at the level of "defense industry-civil commerce";
  • the emergence of social effects and epiphenomena associated with the influence of alternative and independent generation opportunities on health, ecology and lifestyle (including humanitarian projects);
  • the development of exchange processes in the field of alter and independent generation, including "people's IPOs", since the boom with start-ups already implies "lively creativity of the masses".

Of course, the list is certainly not complete, but each of its points, of course, is a very real expectation after the decision is made and, possibly, subsequent ones, which will certainly take place here, but already at the level of decisions of US industry regulators - on the one hand, and governments states close to them - on the other. In any case, Biden's decision is a good reason to watch industry events.

P.S. Such predictions are much more interesting and pleasant to make than those that relate to formidable and nightmarish combat events. But alas, it is with them that the emergence and development of markets is connected.

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