The section "Projects" has English versions of my three books on management and project anthropology

In advance, the reader should be apologetic if he (or she) meets any flaws or inaccuracies in the translation. Taking into account the risks of openness of the RuNet to the world today, I, though not in a hurry, but still in a haste, used Google's translator; besides, I understand most of its linguistic technology among other similar products. Russian транслитерейшин, including inflections, as well as curved translations of speech, corrected where possible. On the fact of identifying other such and recognizing such as such (and not as "so conceived") in the future will be made the author's edits. In some places, the English-language newsletter a-la Fuller, which does not go beyond the rules of word formation in English. IMHO, in general, it turned out well in less than two weeks.

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