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Water world as an opportunity: English version

The same article for my English-readers.

Water world as an opportunity

Here we are talking about a certain total factor of mobility within one of the environments in the global perspective of mankind. The material was created in the development of the concept of "logistics design", taking into account the key trends in technological development.

PlugVan – a necessary link in the evolution of RV

Literally on the heels of the attack - he thought about this a couple of weeks ago. Unlike my techno-social concept, here is a specific design solution, clarifying such a sought-after niche in the system of an already existing subject-technological set, into which it would be possible to enter my own design developments of what I called in the framework of the concept of logistic development called “small shelter". Video presentation of plug-in PlugVan module – here.

Logistic design: the basis of everyday life

For my English speaking readers.

The concept of logistic design is introduced as the basis for a neo-nomadic mass brand that creates anthropological prerequisites for systemic changes in the global community based on a new development model.

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