How crazy is logic?

Others exclaim that it is impossible to understand the "logic of a madman". Well, I will present it for those who are not particularly immersed in the subtleties of Recent History. It is not for a wide audience – its target audience is different, much narrower. But this audience is very knowledgeable about it. For wide internal and external audiences, an conversation is being conducted about restoring and protecting trampled.

The sum of considerations that characterize this "insane logic" can be summarized in the following theses. And about how it really is insane, let everyone decide for himself. So, let's imagine that some person, invested with great power, actually broadcasts something like the following.

"According to early agreements, we tried to integrate our elites into yours when we were still strong, and you forgot all this on the sly as soon as the subject of the agreements disappeared! According to your advisory instructions, proposed as scientific, we, as the legal successors of this subject, got rid of our own uncompetitive industry and switched to a natural monoculture for our country. We have withdrawn capital from our country, pouring it into your ecumene system to keep afloat what has been failing with enviable regularity lately, postponing the inevitable. We have robbed our own population by reducing their demands and lowering the price of the local currency in order to create a wider production base in the long term for the preservation of your own well-being, so that the inhabitants of the "green zone" thrive on the labors of the "red zone". We slyly leaked our country to China as a reward for its same long-term forbearance – without asking anyone's opinion and harshly suppressing any form of national identity in any corner of our country, ready to oppose it. Thereby removing the responsibility for finding and fulfilling this strategic reward from you. While following the same principle of "realpolitik" as you yourself.

We agreed to become "number two" and overseers of the shabby barn into which we have turned our country – knowing that you yourself, being in our place, could not do anything else, and that you yourself know this, and you cynically depriving us of the last pleasures – expensive by the standards of a niche, but cheap by the standards of the global economy, yachts and palaces – our "gingerbread houses". Which you yourself do not disdain, although your supposedly natural right to them is determined not so much by "Protestant labor" as by centuries of colonial politics, where it is market considerations that determine what kind of labor is in demand. Our geopolitical innovation is that since the time of calling the Varangian kings to rule for us we have been a "voluntary colony". And after the Horde taught us a lot and, being "taught good", we demand the same from others. For long post-Soviet years, we supplemented the Chinese ecumene by ours for the sake of preserving the global economic system, in sake of that the "accustomed to living in the Horde slavery" multinational population (which we refuse to teach and develop for purely economic, scientifically sound reasons – which, by the way, there is no contradiction), has bred a lot of fresh slaves, so that, under the Asian bossing, to produce for your markets what the Asians themselves used to do, the benefit of global warming to help, and what there are not enough people for, will be compensated by rich natural resources, which will last for a long time.

For years, we have used any talent and any enterprise nurtured within our country in the name of strengthening our state system, sincerely and openly, and most importantly, declaring in practice and concrete examples that the state as the pinnacle of social development is always more important than the individual. Being so sincere and open, we wanted to please our eastern neighbor and, by sucking out not someone else's, but precisely our own, talents and enterprising minds completely, lowered them to the property bottom, so that they would not think much about themselves, would not rock the boat and would not chaoticize politics for us, or dumped into emigration, where they will be in the same position, since you have "enough of your own mouths". You also turned a blind eye to this Sinicization of the attitude towards the individual for years – remember how many times you said this about emigrant excesses in your own countries? Why are you looking for a mote in our eye?

Do you, the elites of the First World, feel bad about what we are doing even now? Isn't that what you wanted? All this time, we have been following your own maxim "business as usual", praising being on the other side of Good and Evil on the side of "simple considerations", since the economy, by the large and well-known to you "Hamburg Account", is revealed as a "gloomy science" precisely where and when, where and when its exponential growth ends. The same growth, with the end of which you yourself do not know what to do. It is strange that now you are presenting just such a bill to us. After all, when the world economy began to end, shrinking and more and more resembling a dried plum, we did the same thing that you yourself had been doing for centuries until the middle of the 17th century (and according to the same "Hamburg Account" – until the middle of the 20th century) – a total mutual stabbing, namely as a result of which the era of the formation of national states began, and with them – capitalist relations. Previously, you, without hesitation, invaded neighboring territories in the name of "defending Christianity", and then – in distant countries in the name of spreading the Christian faith. Why are you surprised at those who are now acting in the name of the idea of "defending the Russian world" – especially since it is also quite a Christian? What else are "European values" in their essence, if not Christian? After all, "if God is for us, then who can be against us?", and why pity those who are against God? Do you think someone will be able to become a national state by skipping the stabbing stage? Get vuvuzellas in your ears! When we tried to skip the formations, you sent to us your technicians, who were starving in the Great Depression, to raise the "young Soviet industry". It was you who created a "shield and sword" for us when it was beneficial to you, turning a blind eye to the fact that for us "the production of means of production is a priority over the production of means of consumption", and first of all it was the production of weapons for the victory of the "world proletarian revolution". Today you are hiding miserable statements about the end of the era of modernity, just bringing this modernity to the countries of the Third World and not deciding anything on the merits. In the economy, modernity has remained as it was, but the economy itself has come to an end – as you know very well.

Today, we are acting in the way it is customary just today – we have chosen a specific site for a showdown, only this is not a country of the Third World, but in a strange way still of the Second, striving to fit into the First World. For a long time, this First One lived well, without interfering with us trading with him what we needed and could, and everything was in order with you, but you forgot that some natural processes apply to you yourself. And now, when we, by equal right of the world elites, lay claim to the regions that have been our markets for centuries, you start squealing about human rights and European values, when you yourself are afraid of becoming the Last. In fact, you do not care deeply about this place – for the most part, you only express ridiculous "concern" and fear of a new "big war", hiding "a fat body in the cliffs".

At the same time, right now, when the stakes have risen, you are frantically competing for which side will invest in the restoration of the destroyed, wanting to pocket specific regional resources under the guise of a "common home". Do you think we don't know about these secret commercial desires of yours? You know, that's impudence! Only a threat to yourself makes you move and help the long-suffering platform in the backyards of Europe, indeed, contributing to a change in its original task: not so much to “fit” into your circle, but to become a pan-European, if not global, “standard”. What you yourself did not seem to expect, and hardly many of you will internally agree with this. But how? Took up the tug – don't say you not luck, but this is exactly the tug and it is: having become a standard in something, act as its supplier. And further – as it turns out. This is despite the fact that the era of nation-states is coming to an end after the era of empires – they are being replaced by something new that we ourselves do not understand well. But whatever it is, we proceed from what is clear, we will not remain in debt and will try to make our markets from you youself – this is your own practice, we know and understand it as just the world practice. Whatever it costs us.

I don’t feel sorry for my own, even more so for strangers. Thousands of dead and tens of thousands of cripples? So what? All the same, historically they were not promised anything good in life – let them not be promised justifiably now. We are not hypocritical and only reinforce the actuality with protocol evidence. The motherland will surround with love and care those who suffered for it, repaying justice with an equal subsistence minimum for all. Moreover, suffering is our leitmotif and the norm of life. Do not you like it? Be patient ... After all, "life is pain", recognition of this constitutes another Christian virtue. And after all, by and large, the 50-year agreements on problems that you safely refused to decide on the merits and forgot 30 years ago concerned precisely the limits of global growth and the existence of the world system in its current form. So, invariably, and the population required for this world system, which has become too much for such a fallen demand. This is the same scientific truth – well known, but very inconvenient for those who want to maintain the renome of enlightenment and at the same time remain "in white gloves". We are even overfulfilling our work on this most important issue – why are you delaying? Apparently, you considered it appropriate not to solve these problems at home, when such rich new resources were released and it became possible to hit a huge jackpot, and besides, to dictate your own rules? Did you think this situation would last forever? Get vuvuzellas in your ears... nuclear! You've been passing off checkers for chess for a long time – now it's our turn to do the same."


This logic, which is far from being widely publicized, can look like the logic of a madman only because it looks like the logic of an affective interpretation of the historical process, due to historical resentment. For not biased and non-affective influence on this process, remarkable work of the whole world is needed, which, it seems, few people in this very world are ready to do. For, indeed, much has been forgotten. So the problem is not so much that the broad masses did not believe in the fact that one of the members, gradually becoming a "black sheep", turned out to be a real Devil, but that this Devil is now presenting a receipt signed by the blood of himself First World.

This logic of inter-elite showdowns from which the world is very weaned (really weaned?) comes from the cruel childhood and youth of this World, which is not so distant past by historical standards. But is this the logic of independence in authentic interests? Isn't this the logic of imitation, the formation of identity by assimilation and stylization according to the model? Archaic logic, where the world is not conceived outside of hierarchies. As someone wise said, youth is no excuse for criminal acts. Is it because the permissibility of such actions becomes a false ground:

  • to replace primacy in time with primacy in essence, which is a methodological error, if not a rhetorical trick;
  • for the false application of the personal category to the institutions of the state or the executive function associated with a unical name of the person;
  • to mix the freshness of the perception of an inexperienced person with the immediacy of the archaic: they are similar, but not identical (although clarification is still needed here);
  • to protect by any means the achievements per ipsum (perhaps not so great and numerous) of youth once made as a symbol of life per ipsum as the only motive for continuing one's own life, while forgetting them to the maximum as "fresh achievements" along with the substitution by this of new or further goalsetting, as well as
  • for the most obvious manifestation of one's own youth through criminal acts as alleged its essence in the sense of overcoming the "forbidden fruit", as a lingering ability for them?

The fact that all these are precisely false causes for such an excuse that does not have any relation to the real productive ability can be hidden by the substitution by them of the authenticaly creative self-disclosure in originality and self-existance for young minds that have not yet developed their own abilities for introjections and reflections, but ontogenetic and psychologically greedy for the calls of the herd. Which self-disclosure is paternalistically condemned in advance as less valuable than the protected one, what wittingly antagonizes the past and the future as a sequence and logic of events and, thereby, allows the principle of "divide and rule" to be implemented in the field of historical identification, declaring the right to control on behalf of "worldly-wise authority". Public institutions and functions are based on their wittingly expediency, which is not in the case of the becoming of separate person, and therefore the concepts of admissibility and the necessary level of regulation of something are applicable to them - personification of them leads to the personification of power, which means that there is a risk of turning common decisions and strategies into individual ones, and replacement of the value of an individual personality by the inherent value of a transpersonal superpersonality, up to the removal of the latter beyond the scope of the empirically observed. Which things already represent the area of what should be trivial.

The inexperience, including the inexperience of youth, is not an excuse for ignorance of the laws and principles of the nature and existence of society and community life, moreover, there is exist a factor of subjective certainty, regardless of the a priori nature of it: the mistakes of youth can be conscious or recognized and corrected to some extent, but are in no way justified by the age factor itself.

This is not about "Lenin, who created Ukraine", and not about "the helmsman Kim, who invented shawarma". This is about the real roots of the world order. That is why the stakes are so high today. And it is precisely this circumstance that, it seems, has not yet reached the mass consciousness of the voters who really influence politicians. Whether there is time for this today is unknown. The development and massification of humanistic ideas does not occur immediately. The above considerations seem to be the same real challenge, with which mankind is currently confronted. This is not the first time so there is a sign of the systemic nature of the phenomenon. Systemic can be considered as typical, and typical solutions are possible for typical problems.

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